Using N-Heterocyclic Olefins (NHOs) and Frustrated Lewis Pairs (FLP) to Promote Small Molecule Activation and Nanomaterial Deposition in the Main Group


This presentation will describe our recent application of Frustrated Lewis Pairs (FLPs) to gain access to inorganic methylene EH2 complexes (E = Group 14 element) and their use to deposit bulk metal films from solution.[1] This will be followed by a highlight of our studies on anionic N-heterocyclic olefin (NHO) ligands, leading to rare examples of acyclic two-coordinate silylenes (R2Si:). I will also describe the ability of our silylenes to activate strong homo- and heteroatomic bonds under mild conditions.[2]

Leveraging Chemistry for Biology and Therapy: New Amination Strategies to Access Biologically Important Molecules


Research in the Wang group aims to answer fundamental questions that lie at the interface of chemistry and biology. This talk will present her group’s recent efforts in developing new amination chemistry and strategies toward design and discovery of novel nitrogen-containing molecules for molecular labeling, imaging tools, and new antipsychotics. 


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