Due to a high volume of spammers our tutor list has been removed. Please contact Cindy Knight and she will be happy to assist you.

The list of tutors for the Chemistry Department is updated each semester.

All tutors must have a GPA of at least 3.0 and a B or higher in the chemistry course(s) you wish to tutor in.

If you are in need of a tutor, we suggest you email one or more of the students listed. Be sure to include the course for which you are seeking a tutor, as some of the tutors are listed for more than one course.  It is important to include days/times that are convenient for you so that the potential tutor can check his/her schedule and know if they are available.  Time, place, payment, etc., is between you and the tutor though we highly suggest a public place like the library.  Due to a high volume of spammers please use or include your computing ID when you email our tutors.

If you are interested in being added to our list of tutors or have any questions, please contact Cindy Knight.

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Additional Resources (Not endorsed by UVA or the Department of Chemistry)

  • ML STEM Prep - provides online tutoring for General Chemistry (CHEM 1410/1411/1420/1421) and Organic Chemistry (CHEM 2410/2420 and the associated labs) at the University of Virginia. The founder of the company is a UVA Alum. Please reach out!!
  • Organic Chemist On Call  - Online tutoring service for Organic Chemistry.
  • Hoots - Not-for-profit, student-run tutoring platform designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind.  We strive to enable peer-to-peer connection, matching tutors with students in need.  We are currently recruiting student tutors in all subjects for our coming launch at the beginning of spring semester 2017.  Upon your payment of the $12 annual-fee, which we use primarily for site-maintenance, you will have access to our intuitive scheduling service, allowing you to dictate when you tutor and how much you charge!  Our goal is to expand the academic community here at UVA, offering new educational opportunities on-grounds.  Learn More
  • Parliament Tutors is committed to helping students meet their academic and career goals. We offer first-rate academic tutoring services, covering all subjects from kindergarten through the MCAT. Each lesson with Parliament Tutors draws upon an individualized lesson plan, geared to meet the particular needs of each student. Parliament Tutors sharpens students’ learning skills and teaches them how to solve new problems independently, leaving students with the abilities and the confidence they need to succeed. At Parliament Tutors we select only the most passionate, well-trained and distinguished tutors. Our tutors use approaches that make sense and teach strategies that work. We take advantage of every minute and never stop listening, learning and improving.
  • Numerade - a free online video platform with hundreds of thousands of videos to help students learn difficult STEM material. It would especially be helpful for any underclassmen who may need to be caught up or refreshed on material not covered in their current classes.Here are a few links you’re welcome to pass along that have thousands of topical videos in STEM subject matters that should help students: Physics Lectures, Precalculus Lectures, Calculus Lectures, Chemistry Lectures
  • BuffTutor - is a network of experienced local and online tutors with one goal: providing exceptional academic assistance to College & High School students at an affordable rate. We provide tutors for all subjects including: Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Engineering, Languages & Humanities.  Our tutors are professional/full time tutors, graduate students, teachers, adjuncts & accomplished undergraduates.  All of our tutors have at least 1 year of prior teaching/tutoring experience, must pass a background check, and must pass our challenging proficiency exams. Since 2009, BuffTutor has been an efficient and reliable service for students and parents.  Get started today, request a tutor
  • Study.com
  • Simplified STEM Tutoring has five tutors on staff, all rising seniors at Hamilton College. We are all studying or majoring in math, physics, biology, and chemistry. Several of us have tutored undergraduates for several years, tutored online for several months, and I personally manage the college sanctioned student team of physics tutors. The training for Simplified STEM tutors is in accordance with the international tutor training certifications set out by companies such as the College Reading and Learning Association and Association for the Coaching and Tutoring Profession. 
  • ZoomOrgo.com - We’re a group of award-winning tutors dedicated to helping you succeed in college-level chemistry classes. We run an Instagram page with the Organic Chemistry Question of the Day and also maintain an organic chemistry tutoring blog. Many of our tutors are PhD-trained chemists from top chemistry programs in the world.