I am from Atlanta, GA, and I went to The Lovett School. I will graduate with a BSc in Chemistry and a BA in Studio Art, painting concentration. I stated research with the Demas lab Spring 2016, focusing on fluorescence anisotropy. I have worked with the oxygen sensor Ru(bpy)3, Fraser’s promising boron complex nanoparticles, and fluorescent dye-polymer equilibria that model biological binding systems. Measuring the anisotropy of these compounds gives valuable information about the excited state(s) and information about binding. Fluorescence anisotropy is the study of emission polarization and is commonly used to measure the binding of biological equilibria. When a polarized excitation source excites a fluorophore, that fluorophore can emit in the same orientation, or it can rotationally diffuse before it has the chance to emit, thus producing an unpolarized emission. Anisotropy is a ratiometric measurement of the extent of the emitted polarization.

In addition to painting, I sing in two different groups on Grounds, the Harmonious Hoos co-ed a cappella group and the Virginia Women’s Chorus.

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UVA Chemistry People Anna Perkins
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Bachelors of Science in Chemistry
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Professor Jim Demas