DOE Secretary Jennifer Granholm Visits UVA Chemistry to Announce Clean Energy Initiates

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UVA Today Feature on $3.7M DOE Grant

Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm was on grounds (Aug. 25, 2022) with DOE Director of the Office of Science Asmeret Asefaw Berhe, Ph.D. and UVA President Jim Ryan to announce $540M for research into technologies that transform energy production and cut emissions. One aim, termed Energy Earthshots, of the iniative is focusing on Hydrogen

In addition to the annoucement, the DOE contigent recieved tours of the Chemistry Department including the laboratory of Prof. Sen Zhang who will be receiving a $3.7M grant from the DOE titled, "Fundamental Studies of Catalytic Sites and Catalyst/Membrane Integrations for Advanced Hydroxide Exchange Membrane Electrolyzers" as part of the Hydrogen Earth Shot. The UVA PIs are Zhang, Brent Gunnoe, Charles Machan and Huiyuan Zhu. There are subawards to CalTech, Columbia and University of Delaware.

Interim College Dean Laura Galloway, Chemistry Chair Jill Venton and President Jim Ryan welcome Secretary Granholm and Director Berhe.

UVA Chemistry Professors Charles Machan (far left), Brent Gunnoe (center), Sen Zhang (2nd from right) and Huiyuan Zhu (far right) with President Ryan (2nd from left)