Chemistry Dept. Hiring Undergrad to do Online Marketing

August 19, 2022

The Department of Chemistry is looking to hire a talented undergraduate student with online marketing expertise. The primary role of the position is to enhance the Department of Chemistry online presence. Responsibilities will include:

  1. Develop infrastructure to ensure a high level of activity on social media (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)
  2. Develop materials to be posted on the departmental webpage and social media
  3. Capture and analyze growth in visibility on social media
  4. Assist with enhancement of the webpages dedicated to the graduate student program

This position will require working collaboratively with a few chemistry faculty and staff.

The successful applicant will have experience with a) creating content for social media, b) managing social media platforms including growing visibility of postings, c) analytics tools such as Twitter Analytics, and d) Drupal, the software used to maintain the department’s website.

The position time requirement is 10hrs/week for the fall and spring semester, including a 30-minute weekly meeting with faculty/staff.

Interested students should contact Marilyne Stains.