Victoria is from Herndon, Virginia and is studying chemistry with a minor in Russian language and literature. She began research with Dr. Landers in the fall of 2015, working with Shannon Krauss on an explosives detection project. The project is working to develop a portable device in which colorimetric reactions occur in the presence of various explosive materials. Reactions for nitrates, hydrogen peroxide, perchlorates, TNT, DNT, and tetryl have been implemented on the device. Victoria focused most of her work on the nitrates. By modifying the Griess reaction, which turns bright pink when reagents form an azo dye with nitrate, the reaction and limits of detection were optimized for use in the field.

When she isn’t working in the lab, Victoria loves to dance, read, and cook. She has been a member of University Dance Club throughout her college career, and joined University Salsa Club during her third year. She also volunteered as an elementary school tutor through Madison House and was a fundraiser for Dance Marathon for UVA Children’s Hospital.

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UVA Chemistry People Victoria Holt
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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
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Research with Professor James Landers