Graduate Student Council

Meetings: 2nd Thursday of each month at 6 PM over Zoom. The Zoom link is sent out monthly via email to the grad student listserv. If you don’t receive an email and would like to attend, please email Kaeleigh. 

GSC Officers 2020-21

President: Kaeleigh Olson
Vice President:  Abigail Graham
Treasurer: AC Obi
Secretary: Annika Kraft
GSAS Rep:Eric Donarski, Haley Scolati
Social Chairs:  Anna Davis, Levi Warring
Director of Graduate Students Ambassador: Viranga Wimalasiri


GSC Sponsored Events include

  • Summer Picnics
  • π-Day
  • Mole Day
  • Lab Jacket and Goggle Sales
  • T-Shirt Sales
  • Holiday Party
  • Wine and Cheese Party

Sweatshirts: $30.00 - Navy blue hooded sweatshirts with the V-Chemistry image on the back and a small matching image on the front left chest.

T-shirts — Short-sleeve $15.00 Long-sleeve $17.00 – gray t-shirt with a small image of the V-Chemistry on the front and the back image will be an image of Thomas Jefferson with the quote:

I think [Chemistry] . . . among the most useful of the sciences. . . . It is yet, indeed, a mere embryon. Its principles are contested; experiments seem contradictory; their subjects are so minute as to escape our senses; and their result too fallacious to satisfy the mind. It is probably an age too soon to propose the establishment of a system. "

~Thomas Jefferson, 1788