Surface Chemistry and Spectroscopy


Surface chemistry focuses on achieving a molecular-level understanding and control of surface chemical reactions that are oftentimes central to the modern technologies that produce chemicals & fuels, semiconductor devices, nanoscale particles & thin films, biomedical devices, immunological therapies, and so on.  Consequently, surface chemistry is a common thread of research interest for many UVa chemistry faculty. Spectroscopy enabling the characterization of molecular identity, concentration, and dynamics is another near-universal interest of our chemistry faculty. Spectroscopy research at UVa ranges from the development of altogether new laser and microwave methods for gas phase molecular spectroscopy, to the application of NMR and ESR spectroscopies to membrane-bound protein characterization in liquids, and the application of the alphabet soup of solid surface spectroscopies (XPS, AES, TDS, RAIRS, STS, etc.).  For more information on current research underway in the various labs visit their faculty websites below.