UVA Chemistry Rob Garrod

Robin Garrod

Professor of Chemistry and Astronomy
Room 163, Chemistry Building


M.Sci., University College London, UK, 2001

Ph.D., University College London, UK, 2005

Postdoctoral Fellow, The Ohio State University, 2004-2006

Astrochemistry concerns the behavior of atoms and molecules in astrophysical environments, which can include star-forming clouds and cores, and circumstellar and interstellar regions, and the solar system. The varied gas-phase chemical compositions of interstellar environments are revealed by radio-telescope observations of molecular spectral-line emission and absorption in the cm, mm and sub-mm bands. Infrared observations also indicate significant solid-phase abundances of simple hydrides, in the form of ices, which coat the sub-micron sized dust grains that permeate interstellar space. The process of star formation – which involves the heating and UV radiative processing of gas and solid-phase material alike – further encourages the production of complex organic molecules that may contribute to the store of pre-biotic material ultimately available on the surfaces of new planetary bodies.

The Garrod group develops and applies new computational techniques to the study of chemical kinetics in interstellar, star-forming, solar-system environments. A particular focus of the group is the formation and processing of simple and complex organic molecules on dust-grain surfaces and within astrophysical molecular ices. Recent new modeling efforts also include the first chemical kinetics models of solid-phase chemistry in comets.

Recent publications:

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