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NMR Spectroscopy Core Facility

The UVa NMR Spectroscopy Core Facility has five spectrometers for solution samples and one for solid samples. The solution spectrometers include two with cryogenically cooled probes (800 and 600 MHz) and three (two 600 and one 500 MHz) with room temperature probes. The 600 spectrometer with cryoprobe also has an automatic sample changer for unattended, multiple sample data collection. The solids spectrometer has a 500 MHz magnet and several probes that can obtain wideline and high resolution spectra; samples can be spun at rates up to 60 kHz. The spectrometers perform a wide range of experiments for characterization of molecular structure, interactions, and dynamics. The facility is supported by the UVa Medical School and the College of Arts and Sciences and is available to all. Further information is available here https://med.virginia.edu/biomolecular-magnetic-resonance-facility/.

Neptune, the 800 MHz NMR spectrometer in Rm. 138

Triton, the 600 MHz spectrometer in Rm. 138 

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