Chemical Biology

UVA Chemistry Lab

The field of chemical biology focuses on the use of chemical approaches, particularly synthetic chemistry, to answer biological questions as well as to develop modulators of protein function. Chemical biology has roots in both chemistry and biochemistry, fostering scientific creativity from the interdisciplinary nature of chemical biology research. Research in this area includes the development of novel approaches to using small molecules to modulate the activity of proteins as well as the development of new methods to measure specific biological activities, particularly in cells. These efforts can lead to the development of new treatments for diseases as well as biomarkers for the detection and/or monitoring of disease. 

The complexity of biology demands quantitative and molecular solutions that can only be answered by tools and methodologies derived from chemistry, including chemical proteomics, spectroscopy, single-molecule measurements, and design of molecules and proteins to modulate or probe cellular systems. Faculty at UVA conducting research in chemical biology provide a foundational training environment to encourage students to develop their own ideas and make exciting new discoveries. For more information on current research underway in the various labs visit their faculty websites below.