Bioanalytical chemistry analyzes the molecules that are important to life.  At the University of Virginia, our bioanalytical group has a particular emphasis on designing and using new instrumentation: from electrochemistry to microfluidic devices, separation techniques, mass spectrometry, and high-resolution microscopy.  These new technologies facilitate better chemical measurements in proteomics, forensics, clinical analysis and diagnostics, and live cell and tissue measurements, including microbial communities, the immune system, and the brain.  We combine our chemistry expertise with res

From basic chemistry to new opioid biology

The worldwide opioid crisis has occasioned efforts to develop new opioids for both existing uses (pain control) as well as new indications (itch, addiction). We have focused on the discovery of compounds able to selectively activate one of the two main intracellular pathways associated with the kappa opioid receptor. This type of activity, called “functional selectivity” or “ligand bias”, has the potential to segregate many of the ultimate biological effects of therapeutic opioids.


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