Chuck Arrington

Coordinator of the Organic Chemistry Laboratories (Laboratory & Research Specialist II)
Room 416, Chemistry Building

Dina Bai

Information Technology Specialist II (Sr. Programmer/Analyst) - Hunt Laboratory
Room 151, Chemistry Building

I design, develop and test software for the acquisition and analysis of mass-spectrometry data in the Hunt laboratory.

Jan Dean-Clemmer

Coordinator of General Chemistry Laboratories (Laboratory & Research Technician)
Room 311, Chemistry Building

Jeff Ellena, Ph.D.

Biomolecular magnetic resonance facilities manager (Senior Scientist)
Room 127, Chemistry Building

Delphine Le Roux, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, Landers Laboratory
Room 379, Chemistry Building

Bradley McKeown

Research Scientist, Gunnoe Laboratory
Room 249, Chemistry Building

Carol Price, Ph.D.

Research Associate, Undergraduate Functional Proteomics Laboratory
Room 120, Physical and Life Sciences Building

The Functional Proteomics Laboratory is geared at furthering undergraduate research and education through the study and functional characterization of proteins of unknown or putative function. As a research associate in the laboratory, my role is to mentor undergraduate Chemistry majors in their independent study and to conduct research to characterize the function of proteins with known structure but unconfirmed activity.

In addition, I am involved in the development and managing of the undergraduate biological chemistry laboratory, CHEM 4421.

Mark Ross

Research Scientist, Hunt Laboratory
Room 180, Chemistry Building

Jeffrey Shabanowitz, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist, Hunt Laboratory
Room 180C, Chemistry Building

I work with Professor Hunt’s group to develop new methods and instrumentation in mass spectrometry to determine the primary structure of proteins and peptides and apply these methods to the structural characterization of proteins in complex mixtures and to peptides presented to the immune system in association with class I or class II molecules of the major histocompatibility complex.