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The Pompano Lab's research was featured in C&E News' coverage of the national ACS Conference.

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Congratulations to Joshua Hinkle, 2018-19 Awardee of the Metropolitan Washington Chapter of Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (MWC/ARCS) Foundation!!!

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Professor Emeritus Lester Andrews has been honored with a Festschrift Virtual Special Issue of the Journal of Physical Chemistry A.


Photoredox and Electrochemical Methods for C-N Bond Forming Reactions

Photoredox and Electrochemical Methods for C-N Bond Forming Reactions

Professor Aaron Vannucci | University of South Carolina

Hosted by Professor Charlie Machan

Photoredox and Electrochemical Methods for C-N Bond Forming Reactions

C-N bonds are ubiquitous in medical, pharmaceutical, and natural products. Therefore, it is important to develop synthetic procedures that both effectively form C-N bonds and incorporate sustainable principles. These principles include the use of renewable energies sources such as sunlight, utilization of abundant transition metal catalysts, and increasing the atom economy of the reactions. Along these lines, we have utilized dual photoredox system capable of accessing diaryl amines, amines containing aliphatic groups, and tertiary amines nickel catalysis to perform aryl-amine cross-coupling reactions. Until very recently this class of C-N bond forming reactions were limited to Pd-catalyzed reactions. Our system is the first Ni-catalyzed reaction system capable of synthesizing diaryl amines, tertiary amines, and amines containing aliphatic groups. Mechanistic studies support an amine-radical-based reaction pathway that allows for the access to the range of products. Furthermore, we have developed an “anion pool” electrochemical method for the synthesis of N-substituted heterocycles. This base-free and transition-metal-free approach exhibits good atom economy and has proven widely applicable for the synthesis of substituted benzimidazoles.

Friday, March 30, 2018
Hecht Lecture -

Hecht Lecture -

Professor Gerald F. Joyce | Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Hosted by Professor Sid Hecht | Reception follows - Chemistry Lobby
Friday, April 6, 2018
ACS Poster Session & Meeting

ACS Poster Session & Meeting

Friday, April 13, 2018

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