New Chemical Probe Technologies: Applications to Imaging, Target Identification and Drug Discovery

Hydrolases are enzymes that often play important roles in many common human diseases such as cancer, asthma, arthritis, atherosclerosis and infection by pathogens. Therefore tools that can be used to dynamically monitor their activity can be used as diagnostic agents, as imaging contrast agents and for the identification of novel classes of drugs. In the first part of this presentation, I will describe our efforts to design and synthesize small molecule probes that produce a fluorescent signal upon binding to tumor associated protease targets.

Professor DuBay Receives 2018 University Teaching Award!

Professor Kateri DuBay has been chosen to receive the 2018 Alumni Board of Trustees Teaching Award.  The Teaching Awards Committee was reportedly impressed by the support of Kateri’s colleagues and students and found the evidence of her commitment to excellence in the classroom compelling. She will be recognized officially at an awards program – a celebration dinner to recognize the recipients of all University-wide teaching awards – later this semester. Congratulations, Kateri!!!!


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