Antibody affinity reagents and reproducibility:

Learning Objectives

  •       Trends for isolation of monoclonal antibodies
  •       Current  antibody reproducibility problem in academic institute
  •       Antibody validation: Standards, policies, and practices 
  •       A new mindset for affinity application, evaluation, and authorization
  •       The advantages of recombinant antibody production methods over monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production methods.
  •       Phage display antibody production be adapted to produce the characteristic desired in applications such as multiple epitope recognition, tissues, and phenotype functional antibodies. 
  •       Learn about protein chemistry and conjugation of antibody and drug
  •       Immobilize antibody onto different polymers, nanoparticles, liposome  
Strategies and challenges for the renewable diagnostics and therapeutics antibodies
3:30 PM | Dell 2 Room 100
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Professor Bhupal Ban
UVA - Antibody Engineering & Technology Core
Professor Rebecca Pompano - *NOTE: (Dell 2 Room 100)