Financial Support

Annual Salary

Full financial support is offered to our graduate students that are in good academic standing including tuition, stipend ($27,000 annual), and health insurance. Financial aid to beginning graduate students may take the form of a teaching assistantship or a fellowship, most commonly the former. In addition to the stipends for the nine-month academic year, full financial support is available during the summer for graduate students in good standing. Duties required of teaching assistants normally total less than twelve hours per week of laboratory instruction, supervision, and consulting with students. Although teaching assistantships are available to students beyond the first year in graduate school, most students ultimately are supported from research grants or fellowships and devote full time to their research programs. Some teaching assistants are awarded supplementary fellowship support in recognition of their undergraduate records.

A number of research fellowships are available for graduate study, funded through private endowments, University (e.g., Jefferson Scholars Graduate Fellowships) or State sources and NIH/NSF Predoctoral Research Training Grants.

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Medical Benefits

Medical insurance is provided to all graduate students. The plan is offered through the university health services.