Spring 2018

Date Speaker (Host) Title
January 19

Professor Brent Gunnoe
Department of Chemistry
University of Virginia
(Professor Jill Venton)

Transition metal catalyzed hydroarylation of Olefins: New catalysts for alkyl and alkenyl arenes
January 26

Professor Amy Palmer
University of Colorado at Boulder
(Professor Andreas Gahlmann)

February 2 Professor Paulo Almeida
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
(Professor Dave Cafiso)
February 16 Professor John Keith
University of Pittsburgh
(Professor Charlie Machan)

In silico searches for (in)efficient electrocatalysts through chemical and material compound space

February 21

Professor Bhupal Pan

University of Virginia Antibody & Technology Core

(Professor Rebecca Pompano)

Antibody Affinity Reagents and Reproducibility: Strategies and Challenges for the Renewable Diagnostics and Therapeutics Antibodies

February 23 Professor a Rebecca Lai
University of Nebraska
(Professor Jill Venton)

Folding- and Dynamics-based Electrochemical Biosensors

March 2 Spring break  
March 9 Spring break  
March 16 Graduate Recruiting  
March 23 Professor Amy Herr
University of California, Berkeley
(Professor James Landers)
March 30

Professor Aaron Vannucci

University of South Carolina
(Professor Charles Machan)

Professor Gerald Joyce
Scripps Research Institute
(Professor Sid Hecht)
April 13 ACS Poster Session & Meeting  
April 20 Professor Davita Watkins
University of Mississippi
(Professor Robert Gilliard)
Supramolecular Approaches to Advanced Functional Materials
April 27 Professor Christopher Cummins
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(Professor Robert Gilliard)
Phosphorus-Element Bond-Forming Reactions