David H. Metcalf

Room 259C, Chemistry Building

Courses taught:
Chem 1410/1420 (general chemistry)
Chem 2821 (honors chemistry 4th semester lab)

Professor Metcalf, a native of Charleston, South Carolina, received his B.S in chemistry from the College of Charleston in 1979, and his Ph. D. in physical/inorganic chemistry from Duke University in 1985 under Prof. Richard A. Palmer. He came to the University of Virginia in the spring of 1985 as a post-doctorial research fellow, working with Prof. Fred Richardson. In the Richardson lab, he developed the new technique of time-resolved chiroptical luminescence spectroscopy, and studied the racemization  kinetics of labile chiral compounds, and chiral recognition in the enantioselective quenching of racemic luminophores by resolved transition metal complexes.

Soon after arriving at U. Va., he began teaching the advanced physical chemistry (ICE) lab. After a two-year leave at Oak Ridge National Labs, he expanded his teaching responsibilities at U. Va., with the fourth-semester honors chemistry lab and physical chemistry. He began teaching general chemistry in 1998. He is currently teaching general chemistry, the ICE lab, and physical chemistry.  All told, he has been teaching for more than twenty years in the Chemistry Department.  Dave and his wife Gail South live in downtown Charlottesville.  Dave’s outside interests include woodworking and photography.