Visiting Scholar


Transitioning lab-bench technologies into commercial products.  Focusing on system automation and subcomponent manufacturability to yield prototypes that are ready for the final stage of productization.


Organic molecules are found in a diverse set of astronomical environments, demonstrating that there are efficient astrochemical pathways to molecular complexity. Interstellar grains and their icy mantles are proposed to be important formation sites of many of these molecules. Understanding the structure, dynamics and chemistry of ices is thus key to advance our understanding of the chemistry in space.


Professor Mattson is a member of the faculty at Randolph College in Richmond, VA.  He spends his summers here at UVA teaching Introductory College Chemistry.

My passion is teaching. I am one of the richest people on the planet in that I get paid for doing something I thoroughly enjoy.

In all of my classes, I expect my students to work hard and to strive for excellence.


Development and application of  BINOL-based chiral catalysts and enantioselective fluorescent sensors.

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