Chemistry Library

Who is the Chemistry Librarian and what is this person’s telephone number?

The Chemistry Librarian is Cheryl Summers <>.  Her phone number is 924-3159.  The Librarian for Physical Sciences (include Chemistry) is Jeremy Garritano <>.  His phone number is (434) 214-0414. If you cannot reach Cheryl or Jeremy, you may call the Brown Science and Engineering Library Information Desk at 924-3628.

What and where is the Chemistry Library?

The Chemistry Library is a small, departmental research library, primarily used by Chemistry faculty, grad students, postdoctoral scientists and undergraduates working on chemistry projects; however, it is available to anyone who has need of its facilities. The Chemistry Library is located on the second floor of the Chemistry Building, on the east side. It is open to general use Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (closed for University holidays).  You may use the Chemistry Library when it is closed to the public if you have a key that opens the library door (students doing undergraduate research in chemistry are supplied with a building/library key), you may use the library at any time.  If you need to check out anything when the library is closed, pelase fill out the self-checkout card located on the Circulation Desk counter.  If you bring food or beverages into the library, please handle them carefully so that thy do not damage library materials or the facility.  Click here to go to the Chemistry Library website.


What facilities does the Chemistry Library offer?

Besides the specialized collection of books and journals of interest to working chemists, the Chemistry Library offers the following:

Current periodicals – at the far end of the first row of shelves on the left.

Reference books – on the first row of shelves on the left.

Bound journals – arranged by title, beginning on the shelves behind the current periodicals and reference books.  Bound journals should stay in the library; you may see the librarian about exceptions.  Bound journals in the Brown Science and Engineering Library circulate for one week.

Books – arranged by call number beginning on the shelves behind the last row of bound journals.  Graduate student loan period is one semester.

The Chemistry Library has several terminals connected to the VIRGO online library catalog, which is University-wide.  The library system subscribes to many online databases and these can be accessed simply by connecting to the library system’s web page at   There are two databases that can be accessed only from the Chemistry Department Library: Beilstein and SciFinder Scholar (from Chemical Abstracts).

The library system (not necessarily the Chemistry Library) offers a research tutorial, introducing the various online databases and their use.  You can request such a tutorial by submitting an online request form at where the request form is a hot link.

Interlibrary Loan:  In the event that the University does not own and cannot access online the material that you need, you can request a photocopy (of a journal article) or the book on loan through a participating library.  See the Librarian.   This service takes at least ten days to get your goods to you, so do not attempt it if your work is due next week.

How do I print from the public computers in the Chemistry Library? 

The computers will send print jobs to the photocopier in the small room outside the staff office area.  There is a Document Server button on the control panel of the photocopier.  The photocopier prints by using Cavalier Advantage money (either a Cav Advantage card or your Student ID card with Cav Advantage money on it will work for the photocopying or printing).

What do I do if the book journal I found in Virgo should be in the Chemistry Library and I cannot find it on the shelf? 

Consult the library staff at the Circulation Desk.  If the library is closed, please leave a note at the desk about the problem and include your contact information.  A staff member will look into the matter when the library re-opens.  You may also contact the library manager, Cheryl Summers, by email:

Where are the light switches?

  When you enter the library, walk past the Circulation Desk and the photocopier room to the wall with a wooden bookcase.  There is a bank of light switches that controls the lights to the main room.  Please turn off the lights if you are the last one to leave the library.

What is the wooden bookcase for? 

The top shelf will be for books on Reserve for current courses.  The second shelf will be for New Books.  They will be there for one week, and then they will be shelved in the Stacks.  they are available for check-out at any time.  The bottom shelf will be for “Informal Reference”, which is composed of textbooks donated to the library.  These items do not circulate and should be used in the library.