Daniel grew up in Arlington, Virginia and attended Washington-Lee High School. He will be graduating UVA with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a Specialization in Chemical Physics and a Bachelor of Arts in Physics.

Since August of 2013 Daniel has been working for the Demas research group. His primary focus has been using fluorescence anisotropy to determine binding constants between fluorescent dyes and polyelectrolytes. This method has been shown to allow for more types of binding constants to be measured than using other fluorescent techniques. It also has shown that more complex binding occurs when the polymer concentration is much greater than that of the fluorescent dye.

Outside of lab, Daniel is very involved with UVA’s honor fraternity Phi Sigma Pi as well as being a First Year Seminar Facilitator for the Orientation and New Student Programs office at UVA. He has also served as a physical chemistry teaching assistant for the past year. After graduation, Daniel will be pursuing a Ph.D in nuclear/physical chemistry.

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UVA Chemistry People Daniel
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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with Specialization in Chemical Physics
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Professor Jim Demas