Nick Lee is a fourth-year Distinguished Major in Biochemistry from Winchester, Virginia. He conducts research in the School of Medicine in the laboratory of Anindya Dutta, M.D., Ph.D., where he investigates the function of the CRL4(Cdt2), an E3 ubiquitin ligase, in the cell cycle. The complex is responsible for marking cell cycle regulators for degradation by the proteasome. Previously, he worked to elucidate the stabilizing role that 14-3-3 exerted over Cdt2. His thesis is focused on characterizing the interaction between BRAF35 and Cdt2. BRAF35 is relatively uncharacterized in the literature, but it interacts with BRCA2, the breast cancer susceptibility protein. For his research endeavors, he has received a U.Va. Summer Scholars Award, a Harrison Undergraduate Research Award, a College Council Fall Research Grant, and a Small Research and Travel Grant, along with being a published co-author in Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Currently, he serves as the Vice Chair for Trials for the Honor Committee, the Chair of the Undergraduate Research Network, and the President of the College Science Scholars Council. Outside of those commitments, Nick has taught his own CavEd class, Current Topics in Neuroethics, served as a TA for Organic Chemistry, and is an Echols Scholar, College Science Scholar, a member of the Raven Society, and a Lawn Resident. After graduation, he will be pursuing his M.D. with the desire to become a professor of medicine.

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UVA Chemistry People Nick Lee
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Bachelors of Science in Chemistry with Specialization in Biochemistry
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Dr. Anindya Dutta