Graduate Student Council

Meetings: Every 2nd Thursday of the Month from 12-1pm in PLSB 403

GSC Officers 2016-17

President: Kim Stanek
Vice President: Nichole Schwartz
Treasurer: Stephanie Lehman
Secretary: Katy Wilson
GSAS Reps:  Rob Dyer, Eric Hunt
SIS: Cafiso and Columbus labs
Social Chairs: Thusani Nilaweera, Maura Belanger, Charlie Clark, Eric Hunt

GSC Sponsored Events include

  • Summer Picnics
  • π-Day
  • Mole Day
  • Lab Jacket and Goggle Sales
  • T-Shirt Sales
  • Holiday Party
  • Wine and Cheese Party

Sweatshirts: $30.00 - Navy blue hooded sweatshirts with the V-Chemistry image on the back and a small matching image on the front left chest.

T-shirts — Short-sleeve $15.00 Long-sleeve $17.00 – gray t-shirt with a small image of the V-Chemistry on the front and the back image will be an image of Thomas Jefferson with the quote:

I think [Chemistry] . . . among the most useful of the sciences. . . . It is yet, indeed, a mere embryon. Its principles are contested; experiments seem contradictory; their subjects are so minute as to escape our senses; and their result too fallacious to satisfy the mind. It is probably an age too soon to propose the establishment of a system. 

~Thomas Jefferson, 1788