Chemistry Professional Development Courses

CHEM 7010: Introduction to Research (3 credits)

This course is taken in the first semester of the graduate program and begins professional development for graduate students learning about the theory and practice of scientific research. The course functions primarily to familiarize students with the faculty research and tools for research at Virginia.

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CHEM 7011: Teaching Science in Higher Education (1 credit)

This course is designed to help graduate teaching assistants integrate learning theory and effective practices into their teaching with the goal of improving student learning by enhancing student engagement.

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CHEM 7020: Research, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Ethics (3 credits)

Offered in the spring semester of the first year, after students have joined a research laboratory to pursue their Ph.D., this course continues scientific professional development. Issues of safety in the laboratory, literature searching, ethical conduct in research, intellectual property, entrepreneurship, federal funding agencies, job opportunities in academe, industry, and national laboratories, curriculum vitae/resume writing, web-site creation, and effective written and oral communication skills are discussed. The class is designed to quickly focus students on their career path and to provide them with early opportunities to hone their skills in communicating their research plans and results.

CHEM 7021: Communicating Research to Diverse Audiences (1 credit)

This course is designed to help graduate students learn to communicate their research to non-technical audiences such as the public, the media, and policymakers.

CHEM 7030: Preparation for Ph.D. Candidacy Exam (3 credits)

The focus of this course is to prepare students for their Chemistry Ph.D. candidacy exam, an exam taken in the spring semester of their second year, by developing appropriate written and oral communication skills. In the fall semester before the exam, students in this course practice presenting their research and a critique of a journal article in the format of the exam.

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CHEM 7031: The Art of Scientific Writing (1 credit)

This course aims to develop skill in scientific writing which is as essential for scientists as is learning the experimental techniques and analysis methods of their field.

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